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A chemist dad and a math class gone bad, I was taught real-life application: How to blend math, science and nature to create the world's best, chemical-free, luxury soap for baby soft, radiant skin.

Lily E.
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Chemical-Free Soap

We make the worlds best soap. We never use chemicals, GMO oils, synthetic colors or perfumes. Our ingredients come from organic fats and the purest essential oils from nature – lavender, patchouli, lemon, lime, sage, frankincense, spikenard, cinnamon, tea tree oil and many more as well as mixed varieties!

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Made with Essential oils

Truly natural soap bars that fight acne, dry skin, rashes and irritation!

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Truly natural soap bars that fight acne, dry skin, rashes and irritation!

No Chemicals!

No cancer-causing preservatives, carcinogens, colorants or perfumes.

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You make the best soap. It does not dry out my skin. Thank you for offering such a wonderful product

Leila Smith

Love the smell, Love the texture, love the lather!!!.

Jenny Vollmer

Wonderful soap! I use it all the time; is so much better than liquid body wash

K. Janal

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What if I don’t want to commit to the soap club?

There is no "committing." You only pay for one month (one delivery) when you sign up. If you don't want soap the following month (or the third month or whatever month), just pause your membership at any time by logging into your customer portal! It's very easy. You can even set it to skip certain months and just leave it alone and let your club orders ship only when directed by you... Welcome to the club!

What soaps will I get with my order?

Every month is a surprise! Each order is packaged with the best luxury bars of the month...each one has cured for 6-10 weeks, making them free of irritants, intensely moisturizing and a joy in the shower.

What are your soaps made from?

Every bar of soap is handcrafted in my soap lab using a formula I personally developed. Every bar pampers even the most sensitive skin.
I only use organic and non-gmo ingredients and distilled water.
Typical fats used are tallow, shea butter as well as olive, castor, coconut, canola and unrefined, sustainable palm oil. My specialty bars use neem, turmeric, activated charcoal and many other amazing, natural additives to nourish the skin.

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Organic, scented with essential oils.
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Best priced, handmade soap on the Internet!

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